Go Spiti’2020

Meadows that are lush green, Monasteries that are architectural masterpieces and air that’s purer than you have ever known, once you visit Spiti, you wouldn’t feel like going back to the city life. Situated at an altitude of around 12,500 ft. above the sea level, it’s a little world of its own. With a very distinct culture in the inhibited villages it’s a brilliant destination with an unadulterated environment.

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Rann of Kutch 2020

White purity for as far as your sight can go, almost like you’ve landed in heaven, it’s an otherworldly
experience for sure. With a spread of over 7500 km², Rann of Kutch is known to be one of the largest
salt deserts in the world. If you want to take a break from the city life and are looking for something
really different, then this place is your calling.

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Go Kashmir 2020

“Heaven on earth” will no more remain a phrase. Make heaven a very real experience as you immerse yourself in the unreal serenity of Kashmir. Witness blooms in colours you never knew existed and valleys deeper than your psyche. From breathtakingly beautiful frames to meditative calmness it’s the epitome of a perfect getaway that will leave you a changed person for the better.

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Go Ladakh

The name is enough for this paradise of adventure lovers. Ladakh is the most loved tourist and trekking destination with some of the most picturesque and challenging treks. And if trekking the mightiest mountain ranges is not your thing then you’ll surely find yourself lost in the Tibetian markets hunting for trinkets you can’t get enough of. A place for the attainment of inner peace, Ladakh also has the most soulful meditation centers and rituals.

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Go Bhutan 2020

Experience Serenity, Spirituality and Serendipity all at once in this calm Buddhist kingdom in the
Himalayas. It is the preservation of ancient and the welcoming of modern culture that makes Bhutan
endlessly fascinating. There is an unmatched level of peace in every breath you take here, a feeling that will linger within long after you are back.

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From 25,000.00
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